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PREDICTIONS: Automated Cars in 2050 | Popular Science

Following news that California has legalized autonomous cars, the legendary ex-BMW design chief Chris Bangle shares his thoughts on what’s next for auto design. Car designer Chris Bangle has spent years designing forward-thinking vehicles, so now, with self-driving cars just … Continue reading

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AI Gamer Bots Convince They’re More Human than…HUMANS | Popular Science

Two virtual gamers have convinced a panel of judges they were more human than the humans they competed with in a first-person shooter game, winning the five-year-old BotPrize and beating the Turing test of machine awareness. The game bots were … Continue reading

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What would it cost to launch your house into space? | Popular Science

The folks at the Movoto Real Estate blog are thinking ahead, to when we’ll be getting off of this rock and colonizing the universe–by strapping our homes to rockets and launching them into space. Okay, that may not be how … Continue reading

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New mat cools buildings by letting their roofs sweat | GizMag

We’re used to the thought of humans sweating to cool down, but what about buildings? Researchers at ETH Zurich have applied the biological cooling mechanism to the task of keeping a building cool, and in the process have hit upon … Continue reading

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Hot Wiring Bacteria To Produce Semi-Conductors | Popular Science

“Everything I do is about finding something that microbes can do that we can’t and then figuring out how they do it,” Mohamed El-Naggar says as he pulls up images of anaerobic bacteria on his computer at the University of … Continue reading

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PREDICTIONS From 1925 that were ALMOST Right | Popular Science

Writing in 1925, British scientist A.M. Low predicted that we’d eat breakfast via feeding tubes and bald would be beautiful. This guy totally augured Go-Gurt and Vin Diesel. In 1925, British professor A.M. Low wrote a rollicking forecast of life … Continue reading


Edwin Olson’s Autonomous Robot Army | Popular Science

In a large, sunlit laboratory at the University of Michigan, Edwin Olson sits surrounded by his robot army. On most days, his 16 compact rovers, like rolling, bar-coded bread boxes, rest dormant on steel shelves. But with the flip of … Continue reading

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