Global Clean Energy wants to create 20,000 jobs across three states | Houston Business Journal

Humble-based Global Clean Energy Inc. has plans to create 20,000 jobs across Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, depending on its ability to get local governments on board.

The company wants to work with local governments to bring in, plant and harvest Jatropha plants on abandoned landfills in those states. Once harvested, the Jatropha plants will be brought to a gasification facility to create biofuel. The plants would likely be brought in from the Port of Houston.

The jobs would be entry level, such as maintaining the facilities, harvesting the plants and then trucking them to facilities across the country.

Global Clean Energy is currently targeting Rice University to work with in Texas. Company spokesman Randy Renken said the company plans to make contact with Rice within the next couple months. The number of jobs to be created will be bumped up if the company can get cooperation from Texas government.

The company relocated its headquarters from Denver in 2009.


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