Perpetuum announces Energy Harvester Module for Emerson transmitters |

October 4, 2012 – Perpetuum announces an Intelligent Energy Harvester power module for Emerson Rosemount 3051S Smart Wireless transmitters. The Intelligent Power Module offers a compact and technologically advanced power option which has the same form factor as the Emerson battery pack. It will enable the Emerson Rosemount 3051S to be powered by Vibration Energy Harvesters (also known as Vibration Energy Scavengers) thus eliminating the cost and logistics challenges associated with changing batteries.

Until now, Automation OEMs and end users have been limited primarily to “battery only” power options for their wireless industrial transmitters. Fast data capture rates or large amounts of collected data (e.g. vibration) can create the unnecessary maintenance logistics of having to change batteries in deployed wireless sensor nodes long before the useful life cycle of the transmitter is achieved.

Replacing batteries creates significant losses in productivity, money, time and human resources as well as un-optimized maintenance logistics associated with scheduling, work order generation, stocking and hazardous material disposal.

By utilizing Perpetuum’s Vibration Energy Harvesting power option end users can eliminate the need to change batteries for over 10 years. Savings are even greater for “prioritized” assets (those requiring the fastest data capture rates), remote locations and hazardous or safety restricted areas.

Perpetuum’s Intelligent Power Module has been designed so that it is compatible with other forms of energy harvesting (e.g. thermal) when they become available and qualified for use.


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