Railways in UK to use Hydrogen fuel cells | Energy Live News

Railways to use Hydrogen fuel cellsUK railways could soon start using a new range of efficient fuel cell technologies across the rail network.

The Hymera fuel cell generator, one of the products approved for use by Network Rail, produces energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen from the air to form electricity and water, creating zero emissions.

BOC, a member of engineering firm Linde Group which developed the technology, claims the product will help fuel be used more efficiently and with much less waste compared to diesel and petrol-powered generators.

Stewart Dow, BOC’s Packaged Energy Manager said: “The switch to a low-carbon, sustainable economy can only happen when the tools are available for industry to do its job. Hymera is a vivid example of a system designed to carry out specific tasks using today’s technologies while creating zero emissions. We are delighted that Network Rail has recognised the environmental – and fit-for-purpose – credentials of Hymera.”

Twin LED lights for use with the Hymera and BOC PowerPack are among other products approved by Network Rail.

Source:  http://www.energylivenews.com/2012/09/28/railways-to-use-hydrogen-fuel-cells/

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