Will the City of The Future Look As Insane As This? | Popular Science

To create the exhibit “Under Tomorrows Sky” (yes, it’s apostrophe-free), speculative architect Liam Young brought together a batch of like-minded folks to imagine a city of the future. The contributors include futurist and sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling, graphic novelist Warren Ellis, scientist Rachel Armstrong, and a lot more.

Somehow that vision ends up resembling a collision between nature and urban blight; think of it as a sort of post-apocalyptic Walden Pond. It’s gorgeous–you can see that in the gallery–but the project is a multimedia endeavor, too. Videos inspired by it are at the exhibit’s site, and there’s even a fly-on-the-wall camera for you to sit in on the think tank discussions. Here are sci-novelists Bruce Sterling and Simon Ings chatting with Young about the city of the future.

Source:  http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-10/art-science-fictional-future-city-under-tomorrows-sky


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