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Self-assembling-polymer advances could increase computer memory density fivefold | Kurzweil AI

The storage capacity of hard disk drives could increase by a factor of five thanks to processes developed by chemists and engineers at The University of Texas at Austin. The researchers’ technique, which relies on self-organizing substances known as block … Continue reading

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Predictions from 2012: Earth 2050 | Shell Corp


TPVE Generator Converts Light and Heat Into Electricity | Kurzweil AI

University of Texas at Arlington associate physics professor Wei Chen has helped createa hybrid nanomaterial that can be used to convert light and thermal energy into electrical current, surpassing earlier methods that used either light or thermal energy, but not … Continue reading

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Are We Ready For the Coming Age of Abundance? | SAP


Using Concrete To Store Solar Thermal Energy | Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 9, 2012) — Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a thermal energy storage system that will work as a viable alternative to current methods used for storing energy collected from solar panels. Incorporating the researchers’ … Continue reading

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Using Rust and Water To Store Solar Energy As Hydrogen | Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 11, 2012) — How can solar energy be stored so that it can be available any time, day or night, when the sun shining or not? EPFL scientists are developing a technology that can transform light energy into … Continue reading

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Breakthrough Promises To Cut Smartphone Power Use In Half | MIT Technology Review

Powering cellular base stations around the world will cost $36 billion this year—chewing through nearly 1 percent of all global electricity production. Much of this is wasted by a grossly inefficient piece of hardware: the power amplifier, a gadget that … Continue reading

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