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Is This The Final Technical Piece We Need For The Space Elevator? | Forbes

The great problem in exploiting space is in getting up out of the Earth’s gravity well. As the man once pointed out, when you’re in orbit you’re not halfway to the Moon, you’re halfway to anywhere. And our technologies of … Continue reading

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New Wet Server Design Cuts Cooling Costs Up To 97% | LEEDS

A revolutionary liquid-cooled computer server that could slash the carbon footprint of the internet is being tested at the University of Leeds. While most computers use air to cool their electronics, all of the components in the new server are … Continue reading

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Duckweed For Biofuel Production | Science Daily

The search for a less-expensive, sustainable source of biomass, or plant material, for producing gasoline, diesel and jet fuel has led scientists to duckweed, that fast-growing floating plant that turns ponds and lakes green. That’s the topic of a report … Continue reading

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Engineering Breakthrough Promises Significantly More Efficient Solar Cells | Science Daily

A new technique developed by University of Toronto Engineering Professor Ted Sargent and his research group could lead to significantly more efficient solar cells, according to a recent paper published in the journal Nano Letters. The paper, “Jointly-tuned plasmonic-excitonic photovoltaics … Continue reading

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SHOCKING Inequality In America | Politazans

Why is this a bad thing?  Lets Revisit ANOTHER Video:

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Heat Strenghtened Glass For Solar Applications |SPIE

PPG Industries’ flat glass business announces that it can now manufacture heat-strengthened glass in thicknesses of less than 3 millimeters, making it among the first major glass manufacturers in North America to offer this capability. PPG can produce heat-strengthened glass … Continue reading

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Zinc oxide nanoparticles as luminescent down-shifting layer for solar cells | SPIE

The manufacturing of photovoltaic (PV) devices has developed considerably in recent decades, spurred by continuous growth in the demand for renewable energy sources. About 90% of currently fabricated solar arrays are made of crystalline silicon (Si). Considerable research effort has … Continue reading

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