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Clone-tegration Speeds Synthetic Biology | Kurzweil

A new, streamlined approach to genetic engineering drastically reduces the time and effort needed to insert new genes into bacteria, the workhorses of biotechnology, scientists are reporting. Published in the journal ACS Synthetic Biology, the method paves the way for more … Continue reading

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Cheap Catalyst Opens Door to Efficient Energy Storage | Science Daily

Two University of Calgary researchers have developed a ground-breaking way to make new affordable and efficient catalysts for converting electricity into chemical energy. Their technology opens the door to homeowners and energy companies being able to easily store and reuse … Continue reading

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Catalysts to Produce Solar Fuel | Science Daily

The energy produced by solar panels, be it heat or electricity, has to be used right away. It is hard to store and preserve and also its transportation can be rather complicated. Creating solar cells capable of producing energy in … Continue reading

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UGA discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere | University Of Georgia

Athens, Ga. – Excess carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere created by the widespread burning of fossil fuels is the major driving force of global climate change, and researchers the world over are looking for new ways to generate power … Continue reading

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Lowering Cost of Solar With Room Temperature Passivation Process | MIT

Silicon, the material of high-tech devices from computer chips to solar cells, requires a surface coating before use in these applications. The coating “passivates” the material, tying up loose atomic bonds to prevent oxidation that would ruin its electrical properties. … Continue reading

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Catalyst Saves Cost When Upgrading From Ethanol to Butanol | Phys Org

Scientists today reported a discovery that could speed an emerging effort to replace ethanol in gasoline with a substantially better fuel additive called butanol, which some experts regard as “the gasoline of the future.” Their report on this discovery, which … Continue reading

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Velkess flywheel technology promises cleaner, more efficient energy storage | GizMag

Of the technologies currently in play, batteries are still expensive and limited in capacity, compressed air energy storage requires very specific spatial geological formations, thermal storage – often used in concentrated solar power (CSP) facilities – is also expensive and … Continue reading

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