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Transparent Solar Panels Hit 7.3% Efficiency Milestone | Smart Planet

UCLA researchers have doubled the efficiency of a see-through solar film that someday could be placed on windows and smartphones to harvest energy from the sun. The technology is still in its nascent stage. And the conversion rates are far … Continue reading

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Self-organizing ‘giant surfactants’ promise chip-size-reduction breakthrough | Kurzweil AI

University of Akron researchers have developed nanoscale “giant surfactants” (using nanopatterning to combine functioning molecular nanoparticles with polymer surface films and liquid solutions) that could lead to smaller chips, lighter laptops, slimmer televisions, and crisper smartphone visual displays. Surfactants are … Continue reading

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Electricity From Carbon Dioxide | Smart Planet

Emissions from smokestacks typically include between 5 and 20 percent of carbon dioxide. What if we could convert that greenhouse gas into electricity? A new technique from Dutch researchers hopes to do just that. ScienceNOW reports. Electric power-generating stations worldwide … Continue reading

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Advances in self-assembly techniques | GizMag

Sure, flat-pack furniture is inexpensive and easy to transport, but when you open the box the first question almost everyone asks is, “Wouldn’t it be great if it would assemble itself?” You could get a robot to help, but engineers … Continue reading

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Road of the Future | Smart Planet



Upsalite is the Most Water Absorbant Material on Earth | Kurzweil AI

A novel material with “world-record-breaking” surface area and water adsorption abilities has been synthesized by researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The results are published in PLOS ONE (open access). The magnesium carbonate material, named “Upsalite,” will reduce the amount of … Continue reading

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Are We Running Out of Resources? | Learn Liberty

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