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Residential Rooftop Solar Distruption | Douglas Short

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Nissan’s driverless cars will go to market by 2020 | SmartPlanet

With automakers already adding semi-autonomous features, like automatic brakes and self-parking, to their cars, we’re getting closer to a driverless future. Now Nissan is giving us an idea of when we might see fully-autonomous cars hit the market. “Nissan Motor … Continue reading

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Distributed Generation Poses Existential Threat To Utilities | FORBES

To the list of industries at risk of complete obsolescence – which at the moment includes daily newspapers, government postal services, and men-only barbershops, among others – you can add U.S. power utilities.  The creeping sense of impending peril that … Continue reading

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Future Energy | BBC Documentary


Earth 2100 | Documentary


Technology of the Future | BBC Documentary


CONCEPT: X-RAY and Ion Beam Conversion Aneutronic Fusion| Smart Planet

A small New Jersey firm claims to have trumped other nuclear fusion companies including giant Lockheed Martin at a recent bake-off run by Google. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) of Middlesex, N.J., said in a press release that its novel fusion technology greatly … Continue reading

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