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REACTION: Have All the Important Things Already Been Invented? | Walter I Baltzley

Smart Planet recently posted an article titled Have All the Important Things Already Been Invented?.  And given that this is a subject near and dear to my own heart, I could not help but respond here. This is not a new … Continue reading

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Solar Thermal Photo Voltaics (STPV) Hit 3.5% Milestone | Kurzweil AI

A new approach to harvesting solar energy, developed by MIT researchers, could improve efficiency by using sunlight to heat a high-temperature material whose infrared radiation would then be collected by a conventional photovoltaic cell. This technique could also make it … Continue reading

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Computer Program Learns To Recognize Objects Without Human Help | Kurzweil AI

BYU engineer Dah-Jye Lee has created an algorithm that can accurately identify objects in images or video sequences — without human calibration. “In most cases, people are in charge of deciding what features to focus on and they then write … Continue reading

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A gripper using soft robotics | Kurzweil AI

A robot gripper invented by researchers at the University of Chicago and Cornell University is now available commercially from Empire Robotics as VERSABALL for industrial automation, scheduled to ship later in January. Company officials believe the technology might also be … Continue reading

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How Tiny Windmills Could One Day Power Your Phone | Smart Planet

There is no shortage of innovative, odd, and sustainable ways scientists are developing to charge your cell phone. But the latest development might just top all the lists. The idea: Power your phones with windmills. If you’re thinking that’s impossible, … Continue reading

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IBM forms $1bn Watson Business Group | Smart Planet

IBM plans to invest over $1 billion in the creation of a new business unit for Watson, the cognitive computing application that won the television show “Jeopardy.” The new unit, dubbed the IBM Watson Group, will be led by Michael … Continue reading

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When will every car be driverless? | Smart Planet

This week Audi and BMW were the latest to unveil advances in their driverless car technology at the Consumer Electronics Show.   But while just about every major car company has a self-driving car they’re showing off (here’s BMW’s latest … Continue reading

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