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Morgan Stanley Analyst Says We’ll All Be Driven By Our Cars by 2026 | Smart Planet

A Morgan Stanley analyst predicts that by 2026, autonomous vehicles will be a commercial reality, and eventually we will all own one. The analyst, Adam Jonas, said in a note to clients that self-driving cars have the potential to contribute $1.3 … Continue reading

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Google Project Tango: 3D Scanning in a Cell Phone | Smart Planet

Google has taken the lid off Project Tango, research designed to make our mobile devices function in 3D. The tech giant’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team has produced a smartphone prototype which utilizes a vision processor chip capable of … Continue reading

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CONCEPT: Quantum Cascade Thermo-Photovoltaic (TPV) Energy Conversion

Yin, Jian, & Roberto Paiell (2010).  Multiple-Junction Quantum Cascade Photodetectors for Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion.  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Photonics Center, Boston University.  Boston, Massachusettes USA. DIGEST (Walter Baltzley):  This paper explains how Quantum Cascade Photodetectors (QCP)–a kind … Continue reading

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New multilayer graphene structure allows ‘ultraprecise,’ ‘ultrafast’ water filtering | Kurzweil AI

University of Manchester researchers have taken another key step toward a seawater filter: they’ve developed one-atom-wide graphene-oxide (GO) capillaries by building multilayer GO membranes (laminates). As described in Science, these new laminates allow for “ultraprecise” selection of molecules that can … Continue reading

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The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Energy | Fast Company

1. Tesla Motors For obliterating the major barrier to wider adoption of electric vehicles. Sure, Tesla has carved out an undisputed lead in the electric-car industry with its revolutionary Model S, but the unveiling of the company’s charging stations was … Continue reading

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Enslave the Robots and Free the Poor | Financial Times

In 1955, Walter Reuther, head of the US car workers’ union, told of a visit to a new automatically operated Ford plant. Pointing to all the robots, his host asked: “How are you going to collect union dues from those … Continue reading

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20 Forecasts For 2014-2030 | World Future Society

Forecast #1: Electric cars powered by fuel cells earn extra cash for their owners—Your next car may help pay for itself by selling its excess electricity back to the power company. Researchers in the Netherlands have developed electric cars using … Continue reading