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American Energy Renaissance Act | Forbes

On March 27, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act, providing for comprehensive liberation of energy producers to maximize energy production, job creation and prosperity for America. A companion bill was introduced in the House by Rep. … Continue reading


17 Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World | Business Insider

Policy Horizons Canada worked with futurist and data visualizer Michell Zappa of Envisioning to produce a report called MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies and accompanying infographics. We are reproducing the summary for emerging energy technologies. Below are technologies related to energy … Continue reading

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10 Reasons You HAVE to Quit Your Job in 2014 | James Altucher

10 Reasons You HAVE to Quit Your Job in 2014 | James¬†Altucher Posted on April 11, 2014 by wbaltzley This was going to end badly. My boss screamed at me in front of my colleagues. I had done something wrong … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame The Bots: Unemployment is a Human Problem | Walter I Baltzley

Unemployment and UNDER-employment remain stubbornly high even as the economy recovers and productivity increases.¬† This causes many people to beg the question–why? A lot of fingers right now point to the increasing use of robots and automation in all areas … Continue reading

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