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Battery technology grows to meet demands of renewable energy | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Those skeptical of renewable energy as a viable power source often note that the wind doesn’t always blow nor does the sun always shine. But advancements in battery technology are helping keep energy flowing on those dark, windless days. “It’s … Continue reading

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No Tree Is Safe From This Chainsaw-Wielding Robot | IEEE Spectrum

Of all the things you should not give robots—lasers, knives, swords—one of the worst is possibly chainsaws. I mean, chainsaws are noisy in a terrifying sort of way and awfully messy. They’re especially dangerous if you’re a tree, in that if you’re a … Continue reading

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Rolls-Royce Drone Ships Challenge $375 Billion Industry: Freight | Bloomberg

In an age of aerial drones and driver-less cars, Rolls-Royce (RR/) Holdings Plc is designing unmanned cargo ships. Rolls-Royce’s Blue Ocean development team has set up a virtual-reality prototype at its office in Alesund, Norway, that simulates 360-degree views from … Continue reading

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CIGS Manufacturers Prepare to Scale Operations | Walter I Baltzley

As predicted, solar technologies continue to advance at a rapid rate.  Recently CIGS hit a new efficiency level of 16%, and now two major manufacturers–Stion, and Siva Power–have acquired funding to scale up production.  The low cost of manufacturing CIGS … Continue reading

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Organic Solar Cells Reach Manufacturing Milestone | Energy Harvesting Journal

In an impressive feat of engineering, scientists in Denmark have devised a rapid, scalable and industrially viable way to manufacture large sheets of flexible organic tandem solar cells. Their successful application of roll-to-roll processing is a significant achievement for this … Continue reading

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Glass-like diffusion barrier for flexible CIGS solar cells | Printed Electronics World

Researchers at the Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM) have developed a barrier layer for flexible CIGS solar cells which separates the metal substrate from the absorber layer and so increases the efficiency of the metal-based flexible thin-film solar cells. … Continue reading

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Organic Photo-Voltaics (OPV) Could be as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper | ThinkProgress

Researchers in Denmark recently claimed a major breakthrough in the production of organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells. Unlike traditional silicon solar cells, used in rooftop solar panels and large-scale solar farms, OPVs use organic semiconductors — made from plastics and … Continue reading

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