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New shortcut to solar cells | Science Daily

Rice University scientists have found a way to simplify the manufacture of solar cells by using the top electrode as the catalyst that turns plain silicon into valuable black silicon. The Rice lab of chemist Andrew Barron disclosed the research … Continue reading

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First large-scale graphene fabrication | Science Daily

One of the barriers to using graphene at a commercial scale could be overcome using a method demonstrated by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Graphene, a material stronger and stiffer than carbon fiber, has enormous … Continue reading

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“Someday” is Now for Solar and Wind Power, says Lazard | IEEE Spectrum

Large wind and solar power farms have the economics to go toe-to-toe with the cheapest fossil fuel-based power supplies in the United States according to the venerable financial advisory firm Lazard Ltd. Thanks to falling costs and rising efficiency, reports … Continue reading

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Can Methane Act as a Storage Medium for Renewable Energy? | IEEE

Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in German have demonstrated a novel method of converting the outputs of biogas facilities into methane. The new type of methanation plant can fit inside a standard shipping container, and could be combined with … Continue reading

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A Thermoelectric Generator That Runs on Exhaust Fumes | IEEE Spectrum

Alphabet Energy has designed a generator that uses no fuel. Instead, it uses racks of thermoelectric modules to convert the waste heat from industrial machines into electricity. The Hayward-California based startup earlier this week introduced the E1, claiming that it … Continue reading

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Topaz Turns On 9 Million Solar Panels | IEEE Spectrum

Silence generally reigns across California’s Carrizo Plain, about 160 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles. But for much of the past three years, this expanse of grassland and farms was anything but silent, as up to 880 people trucked out each day … Continue reading

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Vortex Bladeless aims for lower-cost wind energy approach | PhysOrg

A technology leap forward in wind energy? Or, as the company in charge calls it, a “new paradigm” of wind power, lowering costs, requiring no training, using fewer supplies? They believe they have a great idea and they aim to … Continue reading

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