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Don’t Blame The Bots: Unemployment is a Human Problem | Walter I Baltzley

Unemployment and UNDER-employment remain stubbornly high even as the economy recovers and productivity increases.  This causes many people to beg the question–why? A lot of fingers right now point to the increasing use of robots and automation in all areas … Continue reading

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How corporations are crippling U.S. prosperity | SmartPlanet

A dearth of competition in major U.S. industries and a government with policy making that has been severely corrupted by moneyed interests have led to depressed wages and stifled innovation, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says in a new book. In essence, … Continue reading

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On-Site Generation Technologies Need Cost Reductions of up to 50% | MarketWatch

BOSTON, Sep 25, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — On-site generation needs more than sustainability goals in order to expand from a niche play and grow into a large market. It needs better economics, with capital expenditure (capex) reductions being the most … Continue reading

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The Informal Economy “System D”

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Economist Peter Boettke deflates candidates’ concept of ‘energy independence’ – Charlottesville Libertarian |

In his speech accepting the Republican Party’s presidential nomination on August 30, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney presented a five-step program for creating “12 million new jobs” in the United States. The first step, he said, is that “by 2020, … Continue reading

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Clothes Will Sew Themselves in Darpa’s Sweat-Free Sweatshops | Danger Room |

The Pentagon’s made plenty of progress towards slicker, more specialized uniforms for soldiers. Better camouflage patterns? Check. Sweat-wicking t-shirts? Oh, heck yes. Threads that can take a pulse and monitor pee for signs of a chemical attack? Getting there. Then … Continue reading

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Robots are Stealing American Jobs, According to MIT Economist | Popular Science

Forget the recession, immigration and the mortgage industry collapse — when it comes to loss of American jobs, robots are to blame. That’s the conclusion of economists who have studied labor statistics and increasing job polarization, a growing disparity in … Continue reading

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