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Charging Electric Vehicles Just Got Faster AND Cheaper | Chalmers

PRESS RELEASE: Researchers at Chalmers have developed a unique integrated motor drive and battery charger for electric vehicles. Compared to today’s electric vehicle chargers, they have managed to shorten the charging time from eight to two hours, and to reduce … Continue reading

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Philips shatters LED efficiency record | Smart Planet

Royal Philips Electronics claims to have doubled the efficiency of decent quality LED bulbs, which are already highly efficient compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. The development means that LEDs could finally boot out fluorescents from commercial office buildings. Fluorescents are … Continue reading

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New Wet Server Design Cuts Cooling Costs Up To 97% | LEEDS

A revolutionary liquid-cooled computer server that could slash the carbon footprint of the internet is being tested at the University of Leeds. While most computers use air to cool their electronics, all of the components in the new server are … Continue reading

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LEDs Without Heavy Metals | Science Daily

Silicon nanocrystals have a size of a few nanometers and possess a high luminous potential. Scientists of KIT and the University of Toronto/Canada have now succeeded in manufacturing silicon-based light-emitting diodes (SiLEDs). They are free of heavy metals and can … Continue reading

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Breakthrough Promises To Cut Smartphone Power Use In Half | MIT Technology Review

Powering cellular base stations around the world will cost $36 billion this year—chewing through nearly 1 percent of all global electricity production. Much of this is wasted by a grossly inefficient piece of hardware: the power amplifier, a gadget that … Continue reading

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New mat cools buildings by letting their roofs sweat | GizMag

We’re used to the thought of humans sweating to cool down, but what about buildings? Researchers at ETH Zurich have applied the biological cooling mechanism to the task of keeping a building cool, and in the process have hit upon … Continue reading

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Boeing Plans to Turbocharge Fuel-Efficient Flight | MIT Technology Review

Since Boeing’s first jet airliner came to market more than five decades ago, the company has improved the fuel efficiency of its commercial planes by about 70 percent. But with growing pressure on airlines to save fuel costs and reduce … Continue reading

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