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Reversible Ammonia Batteries Convert Waste Heat to Electricity at 29% Efficiency — World of Chemicals

PENNSYLVANIA, US: According to Penn State engineers, an efficient method to harvest low-grade waste heat as electricity may be possible using reversible ammonia batteries. “The use of waste heat for power production would allow additional electricity generation without any added … Continue reading

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17 Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World | Business Insider

Policy Horizons Canada worked with futurist and data visualizer Michell Zappa of Envisioning to produce a report called MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies and accompanying infographics. We are reproducing the summary for emerging energy technologies. Below are technologies related to energy … Continue reading

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Improved thermoelectric materials may give a push to Moore’s law | Kurzweil AI

Heat build up in computer chips is a key factor leading to progress in chips hitting the “power wall” — blocking  increases in chip speed and slowing down the doubling of chip-transistor density (Moore’s law). One solution is thermoelectric materials, … Continue reading

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CONCEPT: Harvesting Energy Using Ambient Backscatter | Science World Report

We might be one step closer to an Internet-of-things reality. University of Washington engineers have created a new wireless communication system that allows devices to interact with each other without relying on batteries or wires for power, instead harvesting energy … Continue reading

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Moving Heat Sideways with Transverse Thermoelectrics | McCormic

Thermoelectrics — materials that convert heat to electrical energy and vice-versa — currently find everyday use in portable refrigerators and waste heat electrical generators. However, devices made of standard materials with positive (“p-type”) or negative (“n-type”) charges moving parallel to … Continue reading

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Electricity From Carbon Dioxide | Smart Planet

Emissions from smokestacks typically include between 5 and 20 percent of carbon dioxide. What if we could convert that greenhouse gas into electricity? A new technique from Dutch researchers hopes to do just that. ScienceNOW reports. Electric power-generating stations worldwide … Continue reading

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CONCEPT: Reverse Electrodialysis | REAPower

By far the majority of the salt in seawater consists of table salt, sodium chloride, NaCl. This salt is composed of two ions, sodium ion (Na+), which has a positive charge and the chloride ion (Cl–) that has a negative … Continue reading

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