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Vortex Bladeless aims for lower-cost wind energy approach | PhysOrg

A technology leap forward in wind energy? Or, as the company in charge calls it, a “new paradigm” of wind power, lowering costs, requiring no training, using fewer supplies? They believe they have a great idea and they aim to … Continue reading

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How Tiny Windmills Could One Day Power Your Phone | Smart Planet

There is no shortage of innovative, odd, and sustainable ways scientists are developing to charge your cell phone. But the latest development might just top all the lists. The idea: Power your phones with windmills. If you’re thinking that’s impossible, … Continue reading

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Bladeless Wind Turbine | The Atlantic Cities

It may look like a giant airplane window strung with Venetian blinds, but this structure, designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo and installed at the Delft University of Technology this month, is a model of a machine that would convert … Continue reading

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Superconducting wind turbines represent a major technological breakthrough | Phys Org

The EU-funded project, called SUPRAPOWER, is working on a more powerful, reliable and lightweight superconducting offshore wind turbine. The four-year project has the expertise of nine European partners from industry and science under the coordination of Tecnalia in Spain. The … Continue reading

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New wind harvesting invention | Energy Harvesting Journal

Is this what the cities of the future will look like? Towering skyscrapers fitted with softly rotating panelled windows that harness wind energy and convert it into electricity? It is if Professor Farzad Safaei has anything to do with it. … Continue reading

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Untethered, flying wind power plant | Energy Harvesting Journal

According to IFO-Energy Unlimited in Hungary, creators of an untethered, autonomous flying wind power plant, there are at least three well known problems of conventional wind energy production, firstly there are fluctuations and the unsteady nature of surface winds and … Continue reading

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Letter: Facts about wind energy show it’s not sustainable as source of power, or for constitution | Michigan Live

The government’s 2010 update on wind energy in Michigan is now available. It confirms that wind cannot be a reliable source for renewable energy in Michigan. The figures reveal wind machines could produce power between 19 percent and 24 percent … Continue reading

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