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CONCEPT: Envitro MILK | Daily Mail

Would YOU drink a pint of man-made cows’ milk? Scientists are developing artificial beverage that could spell the end of dairies Start-up company Muufri is planning to produce cow-free milk soon The team will create the proof-of-concept at University College … Continue reading

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Robots, The New Farmers | Smart Planet

To get an idea for just how automated farming has become in the United States, take a look at the cotton farm used to make Planet Money’s T-shirt. Thirteen workers (using 26 machines) on one farm produced enough cotton in … Continue reading

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Can aquaponics feed the German Capital? | Smart Planet

BERLIN — At the furthest end of a century-old beer brewery yard in Berlin, a shipping container with a greenhouse on top hums with the gentle sound of pumping water. Inside the container are two large vats and a fish … Continue reading

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The Future of Farming, Part 2: New Growth Patterns | Tech News World

“Vertical systems for hydroponic grow rooms are an adaptive application of a very old idea,” said Greengro CEO James Haas. “Vertical stacking units produce higher yields per each square foot of growing space because space is conserved for plant growth … Continue reading

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The Future of Farming, Part 1: Controlling the Environment | Tech News World

“We’re in the midst of a global movement, and the demand for locally grown, organic produce has never been stronger,” said Greengro Technologies CEO James Haas, “but the biggest problem is that in our society in the U.S., everybody stopped … Continue reading

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Existing cropland could feed 4 billion more | Kurzweil AI

Reallocating croplands away from fuels and animal feed could boost food available for people by 70 percent without clearing more land, new research from the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota research shows The world’s croplands could … Continue reading

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How to Green The Desert and Reverse Climate Change | TED

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