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Megascale Desalination | MIT Technology Review

On a Mediterranean beach 10 miles south of Tel Aviv, Israel, a vast new industrial facility hums around the clock. It is the world’s largest modern seawater desalination plant, providing 20 percent of the water consumed by the country’s households. … Continue reading

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New multilayer graphene structure allows ‘ultraprecise,’ ‘ultrafast’ water filtering | Kurzweil AI

University of Manchester researchers have taken another key step toward a seawater filter: they’ve developed one-atom-wide graphene-oxide (GO) capillaries by building multilayer GO membranes (laminates). As described in Science, these new laminates allow for “ultraprecise” selection of molecules that can … Continue reading

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Rainmaking in Middle Eastern Desert: Success or Scam? | LiveScience

Fifty Two unanticipated rain showers in a Middle Eastern desert supposedly occurred because of ionizing devices installed in Abu Dhabi as part of a weather-modification project, a company is claiming. The still-unproven rainmaking effort comes courtesy of Meteo Systems of … Continue reading

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Plasma-treated nano filters help purify world water supply | PhysOrg

Access to safe drinking water is a step closer to being a reality for those in developing countries, thanks to new research published today in Nature Communications. The study paves the way for the next generation of portable water purification … Continue reading

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Scientists developing a seawater-desalination chip | GizMag

Although various alternative technologies are being developed, the large-scale desalination of seawater typically involves forcing it through a membrane that allows the water to pass through, but that traps the salt. These membranes can be costly, they can get fouled, … Continue reading

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A Bath Without Water | Ted Talk

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How to Green The Desert and Reverse Climate Change | TED

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