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Can Methane Act as a Storage Medium for Renewable Energy? | IEEE

Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in German have demonstrated a novel method of converting the outputs of biogas facilities into methane. The new type of methanation plant can fit inside a standard shipping container, and could be combined with … Continue reading

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Storing Solar Energy: A great idea caught on contested ground | IEEE Spectrum

Adding energy storage to sites with rooftop solar power generation offers a range of potential benefits. A battery can help smooth out solar’s inherently variable supply of power to the local grid, and even keep buildings powered during blackouts. Consequently, power-conversion innovators … Continue reading

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How Tesla Boosted Its Roadster’s Range by 50 Percent | MIT Technology Review

Tesla stopped making the $100,000-plus Roadster in 2011, but this spring those who already own one can upgrade it to travel 400 miles on a charge, a 50 percent increase. The new range is competitive with conventional cars, which typically … Continue reading

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NIMH Batteries Get an Energy Boost | MIT Technology Review

Almost every automaker interested in producing electric cars is betting on improvements to lithium-ion batteries to make the cars cheaper and extend their driving range. But scientists at BASF are exploring the possibilities of an older type of battery, nickel-metal … Continue reading

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VW Said to Buy Battery Startup Stake for Tesla Challenge | Bloomberg Business

Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) — Volkswagen AG bought a stake in battery startup QuantumScape Corp. with the aim of developing technology that can more than triple the range of its electric cars, according to people familiar with the matter. VW is … Continue reading

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Reversible Ammonia Batteries Convert Waste Heat to Electricity at 29% Efficiency — World of Chemicals

PENNSYLVANIA, US: According to Penn State engineers, an efficient method to harvest low-grade waste heat as electricity may be possible using reversible ammonia batteries. “The use of waste heat for power production would allow additional electricity generation without any added … Continue reading

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Battery technology grows to meet demands of renewable energy | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Those skeptical of renewable energy as a viable power source often note that the wind doesn’t always blow nor does the sun always shine. But advancements in battery technology are helping keep energy flowing on those dark, windless days. “It’s … Continue reading

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