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17 Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World | Business Insider

Policy Horizons Canada worked with futurist and data visualizer Michell Zappa of Envisioning to produce a report called MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies and accompanying infographics. We are reproducing the summary for emerging energy technologies. Below are technologies related to energy … Continue reading

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Researchers Split Water Using Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles | Kurzweil AI

[+]Researchers from the University of Houston have found a catalyst, cobalt oxide nanoparticles, that can quickly generate hydrogen from water using sunlight, potentially creating a clean and renewable source of energy. Photocatalytic water-splitting experiments have been tried since the 1970s, but … Continue reading

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How to Produce Enough Hydrogen to Meet Global Energy Needs (in 50 years) | Kurzweil AI)

Scientists in Lyon, France have discovered how to create copious amount of the hydrogen that propels rockets and energizes fuel cells. In a few decades, it could even help the world meet key energy needs. Here’s the recipe, according to … Continue reading

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HyperSolar Moves Closer to Low Cost Solar Hydrogen Water-Splitting by Reaching the 1.0 Volt Milestone | Business Wire

HyperSolar, Inc. (OTC:HYSR), the developer of a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water, today announced that its artificial photosynthesis technology is now capable of producing 1.0 volt open circuit voltage for use in … Continue reading

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Has the fuel cell car’s time finally come? | CNN Money

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future — and always will be. So goes a long-running joke in engineering circles. The quest to build a car powered by one of the most abundant elements on earth dates back to 1966, … Continue reading

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Thin films of nickel and iron oxides yield efficient solar water-splitting catalyst | University of Oregon

University of Oregon chemists say that ultra-thin films of nickel and iron oxides made through a solution synthesis process are promising catalysts to combine with semiconductors to make devices that capture sunlight and convert water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. … Continue reading

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Gold + Iron Oxide Catalyst For Removing Carbon Monoxide from Hydrogen | Kurzweil AI

TEM image of a gold/iron oxide catalyst as-prepared (left) and used (right) (credit: Titilayo Shodiya et al./Journal of Catalysis) Duke University engineers have developed a novel method for producing clean hydrogen, which could prove essential to weaning society off of … Continue reading

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